Bankruptcy: The Process

Upon contacting our office, you will be scheduled for a free consultation to reveiw your finanical stability.  Together with our office, you will answer a detailed questionaire as to your assets and liabilties, undergo a review of your debts, and we will create a game plan tailored to your needs.  We will also provide you a list of items that you will require to proceed with your plan of action.

Should you be eligible for bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a quick credit counseling course and our office will begin the drafting of your bankruptcy petition.  At the time of the filing of your petition, a notice will be sent to all your creditors to immediately stop any collection procedures including any harrasing telephone calls and letters. 

After a period permitting your creditors to make any objections, you will be required to appear for a short hearing to assess whether the bankruptcy petition should be granted.  If it is established that you meet the requirements for bankruptcy, an Order will be issued addressing the terms of the petitions acceptance.